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Material: 88%Nylon+12%Spandex

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  • This sexy risqué bodystocking has major sex appeal
  • Ultra-seductive big holes and open crotch designs
  • Premium fabric, durable for long time wearing
  • Ultra-sheer stretch to stimulate your special someone
  • Wholesale body stocking is your ideal type sexy lingerie

This sensual, cheeky body stocking from the house of Roll Holl Lingerie has a lot of sex appeal. Big holes and open crotch designs are ultra-seductive. Made with premium fabric, it is durable and fit for long wear. With ultra-sheer stretch, this sexy fishnet big holes body stocking in New York gives you a super seductive look to stimulate your special someone.

This great one-piece sexy fishnet big holes body stocking in New York not only controls those undesirable bulges in your body; it’s also lovely to wear under your LBD and is actually rather functional. It can be the most alluring of lingerie, subtly disclosing and seducing your sweetheart with sexy and sheer materials that offer a hint of skin. What’s not to love about that?

When it comes to sizing, this sexy fishnet big holes body stocking in New York comes in one size, so you can’t go wrong. This is also a perfect fit for plus size, so women with larger frames need not be concerned. Typically, this body stocking looks great on practically everyone and makes a tremendous difference in the overall look, especially when your body shape is taken into account. If you’re new to body stockings, start with this sexy fishnet big holes body stocking in New York, which will provide you with great comfort while also providing your partner a tantalizing view of your beautiful body.

Consider this body stocking to be a very large pair of tights with a neck entry rather than a waist. But, you shouldn’t just put your foot in without first preparing it! Even if you’re entering from the top, it’s critical to start from the bottom and work your way up to avoid tangles, ladders, or tears.

Gather the whole body stocking in your hands by rolling or scrunching it until you reach the garment’s feet and toes. Draw one leg up to about knee height with one foot, then repeat with the other foot and pull that side up to knee height.

Pull the body stocking upwards and over your bottom and hips, much like a pair of tights, preserving tension in the material to minimize unwanted drooping and wrinkles. It’s done once you’ve gotten above your belly button! Continue to draw the garment upwards with tension but no twisting. After you’ve worked the body stocking up and over your upper body part, it’s time to add those arms. Slide one arm into the suit first, then the other, then pull up and over your shoulders to fit the body stocking around the neck.

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